Every spring the miracle occurs, plants emerging from dormancy and beginning a new life cycle and nourishing our souls. This year it’s particularly poignant as we all emerge from pandemic dormancy and begin to pick up the parts of our lives we have missed. Let me share with you some of the garden beauties that have inspired me this spring.

Close up of beach plum (Prunus maritimus) blossoms.
A bee on a dogwood blossom (Cornus ‘Rutgers Pink’).
Bearded iris, bluestar (Amsonia tabernamontana) and a cloud of volunteer forget-me-nots (I think).
Wild columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) sparkling in the sunshine in the corner shade garden, which is now protected from rabbits.
A mix of bluestar (Amsonia tabernamontana, faintly on left), salvia, variegated iris, and anemone (Anemone canadensis). In the pot are echinacea and blazing star, and penstemon and mountain mint are on the right; these will bloom later in the summer.

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