A Virtual Garden Tour!

Besides my native plant gardening, I also volunteer for environmentally-focused organizations.  Chatham Conservation Foundation serves as Chatham’s land trust, preserving over 830 acres of woodland, salt marsh, and open space, and I am honored to be a trustee with them.  Last year, the organization conducted a number of in-person guided trail walks for members, but this year that is not possible. Instead, we are trying something new – a virtual garden tour!

On Friday July 10, at 10 am, I gave a virtual tour in my Cape Cod garden, and volunteers from CCF live-streamed it over Zoom.  We walked through the sunny pollinator garden, the woodland garden, the central woods that used to be covered in invasives, and the cottage garden, and then took several questions from viewers.

If you couldn’t make it, the walk was recorded and is available at www.chathamconservationfoundation.org/pastevents.

Also on that page is a PDF containing the plant list that was discussed on the video.  Enjoy!


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