In My Garden – Winter Interest

Getting outdoors, just for a walk around the garden, always brings a sense of calm and mindfulness.  So not long ago I took my camera out into the garden to see what interesting and beautiful things I could find. The details of dried seed heads, for instance, or the silhouettes of flower stalks against the sky or lawn or house.  And just for fun, I put the camera on a Special Effects setting, which makes for some interesting blurred effects, don’t you think?

Drooping laurel (Leucothoe fontanessiana cultivar) – the variegated leaves turn bronze in the fall, and in this mild winter have stayed that way.


Seedhead from pollinator garden – not sure which one! They look a little like alien space pods.


Non-native Blue Star Juniper.  The pinkish color is wonderfully subtle in winter, but by the warm weather the needles revert back to blue.


White pine (Pinus strobus).


Montauk daisy (Nopponarium nipponicum). Not native but well adapted to the Cape Cod climate.


Smooth hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens), which has flat lace-cap white flowers in summer. One of the native hydrangeas, predominantly in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast.  They do well here, and the pollinators love them.


Daffodils emerging.  The best signs of late winter are the tops of the emerging bulbs.  Can’t wait for the cheerfulness of their yellow blooms!

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