Goldenrod Garden – Open to Tour!

Most of you know about the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival, with its numerous and varied selections of private gardens that are open to the public during the festival. This year I am honored that the Chatham Garden Club is sponsoring my native plant garden to be open as part of the Festival!

The tour is open 10 am – 4 pm on Friday, July 16th, and the charge is $5 per garden (payable in cash at each garden). You can see all of the Chatham gardens available at the official festival website, Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival | Cape Cod Summer Events ( This week’s Cape Cod Chronicle also has a write-up of these gardens that makes you want to visit them all.

My garden will be pretty obvious – Goldenrod Garden at 95 Independence Lane in Chatham. Hope you can make it to see the garden and support the Chatham Garden Club.

Here’s a sneak preview of how some of the gardens looked within the last week or so – but of course things may look different next week!

The South Pollinator Border
Stand of Black cohosh (Actaea racemosa) just starting to bloom in the Woodland Garden
A colorful mix of natives and non-natives in the Glory Garden


  1. Cathy – I’m so excited to come and see your garden!!!

    In addition to the inspiration on natives I”m hoping for, since this is the Hydrangea Festival, I’m particularly interested in any Hydrangeas you have that are better for the ecosystem than the “do-nothing-but-look-gorgeous” hopheads (Nikko Blues). One the Conservation Commission we’re working on encouraging folks who insist enplaning hydrangeas to consider some better options.




    • Hi Janet, I’m looking forward to seeing you! Yes, I grow the two native hydrangeas – the smooth hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens), which will be in full bloom and loaded with pollinators, and the oak-leaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolium) which may just be starting to bloom.


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